Lou Jones is there now! Look for images coming here.

Lou will be in Uganda from the end of June to the beginning of August. He traveling and photographing 4 regions of Uganda, central, eastern, western, northern. He begins in Kampala. Keys points of travel and photographs is political connection, local guides & translators, sponsors, tourism, industry, music & art, sports, and geography. 
5 weeks in total. 
Lou will be attending soccer matches, visits to homes in various regions, local markets and craft stalls, interact with students and universities, explore local cuisine, attend religious ceremonies, and night life spots. 

Uganda vendor

Street Vendor

Driving through some of the small towns when you slow down or stop you are surrounded by street vendors selling all type of goods: fruits, vegetables, peanut butter, etc. Some run away when you point a camera at them. Some pose. On such long rides its like entertainment & I didnt even have to get out of the car.
Dateline: Kamdini, Uganda • July 18

Uganda Nile Hippos

A village and the Oil Industry

The Nile River originates in Uganda. We were able to sail on it for some distance. As an added bonus I photographed much of the wildlife that inhabits the historic waters. This pod of hippopotamus were watching us closely. Dateline: Murchison National Park Uganda • July 18
oil village Uganda

A village and the Oil Industry

Oil exploration changes the lives of communities & people. Those affected the most have been assisted by Uganda National Oil Company Limited. In this village, a man & his Alur family are raising goats with UNOC help.
Dateline: Avogera Uganda • July 17


Uganda cattle and oil

Cattle and Oil Industry

It took a great deal of negotiation but we finally were able to photograph the important oil industry in Africa. Uganda National Oil Company Limited allowed me to photograph their oil derrick. Its juxtaposition with village communities has been meticulously handled.
Dateline: Kingfisher Development Area Buhuka Uganda. • July 16

Uganda pipeline


Uganda National Oil Company Limited is digging a pipeline that will extend 1400km sending oil all the way through Tanzania. This section is to connect up to the pump station & refinery.
Dateline: Kabaale, Uganda • July 15

Uganda brewery

Nile Breweries Limited

I have sampled alcoholic beverages all over Africa from homemade beer to "moonshine". Beer is consumed everywhere. Ritual, economics & status come together with beer as the social lubricant. Large companies like Nile Breweries Limited produce some of the best. They also employ a large workforce. I am also following the production process into the agricultural aspects. These silos contain thousands of gallons of fermenting beer.
Dateline: Mbarara, Uganda • July 13

store in Uganda


Dress mannequins are ubiquitous in Africa. They are in every city, town & village. I have seen retail areas "littered" with armies even more than this but late on Saturday night they take on a more eerie effect. This women's clothing shop is downtown & at once typical & out of a science fiction movie.
Dateline: Hoima, Uganda • July 13

introductions Uganda


Upon entering the town I was told about a unique event. The Introduction Ceremony is a prelude to a wedding & sometimes considered more important. It is where the potential bride & grooms families formally meet. Dowry & agreements are made & lots of people show up. In waiting for the proceedings to get started I was fascinated by the exceptional clothing being worn by the guests.
Dateline: Hoima, Uganda • July 13



Salt is one of the most important minerals in the world. These men are working the salt flats. It is back breaking labor. The product is used locally & is a huge export. Most of what is produced here is for animal consumption.
Dateline: Lake Bunyampaka, Uganda • July 13

Uganda town

Fort Portal

I have traveled over a thousand kilometers since I got here .Passing through dozens of towns & villages. Stopping often to photograph some of the anomalies & typical scenes. This is a good cityscape of a small town that illustrates where much of the population lives & works.
Dateline: Fort Portal, Uganda • July 12

springs Uganda

Kyiriba Kyathumba Cultural Heritage Site

The medicinal, healing & spiritual effects of hot springs have long been known. Kyiriba Kyathumba Cultural Heritage Site attracts participants from all over the world but the therapeutic waters catered mostly to locals. Dateline: Kasese, Uganda • July 11
Hammock and cement factory


Industry in Africa is a big subject for this project. I scouted out this cement factory from a couple of angles but when I saw this man living in his hammock within view of the enormous structure I tried to contrast the two.
Dateline: Kasese, Uganda • July 11

bananas in Uganda

Banana Gin

Agriculture plays an enormous role in Africa's economies. This banana plantation is making mash to distill banana gin. The man in the background is stomping the fruit. Its a family affair I had some & its plenty potent.
Dateline: Buhoma, Uganda • July 10

Bwindi Women's Center

Bwindi For Women And Girls

Bwindi For Women And Girls skills development Center teaches self sustainment. I found them learning many different trades. Denis Musinguzi allowed us access & this class is instruction in salon & hair care. Dateline: Buhoma, Uganda • July 10

Mountain Gorillas

I am not a wildlife photographer but the story of the gorilla has become so important to Uganda. Endangered but almost half the world's population of mountain gorillas are in their national parks. The exhilaration attached to first setting eyes on them is difficult to describe. This adult silverback is less than twenty feet away He was surrounded by at least fourteen others in the habituated group. However trekking into their habitat is a VERY difficult task.
Dateline: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda • July 9

Restaurant Uganda

Kisoro Restaurant

There's always drama in where to eat when you travel. As soon as we pulled up to this restaurant I jumped out to photograph it. The owner kept yelling at me to come in but I was on a mission. Dateline: Kisoro, Uganda • July 9
golden monkeys

Golden Monkeys

The diversity of the national parks in Uganda cannot be found in many other places in the world. Forest, rivers, lakes, mountains, open plains all make up the park system. The golden monkey is a little known primate listed as endangered. We trekked in for hours to catch a glimpse following park trackers.
Dateline: Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Uganda • July 7


Batwa People

The Batwa were among the first to inhabit East/Central Africa. They have been displaced from their traditional lands many times since colonial times. We visited a new village on the top of a mountain & spent substantial time with them.
Dateline: Birara Uganda • July 6

coffee in Uganda

Coffee Roasting

Coffee is becoming a major export of the country. This plantation is organically growing arabica. This woman is roasting the beans by hand. The owner who introduced coffee to the area many years ago is overseeing the process. I enjoyed a cup of the darkest later on.
Dateline: Kisoro Uganda • July 5



Early I insinuated myself into the bustling market where farmers & truckers were negotiating buying & selling the staple matoke, a starchy substitute for bananas. It grows in abundance in the area & is delicious. Dateline: Ntungamo Uganda • July 4

Nile Brewery

Nile Brewery

Using local ingredients Nile Brewery manufactures a very popular beer. After photographing all over the facility we ended up in the bottling plant. This woman dressed in appropriate PPE is overseeing the process. Dateline: Mbarara Uganda • July 3
Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria

I found living on the huge Lake Victoria completely unique. Four or five communities live on this island in the middle of the lake & accessible only by causeway. Their entire activity is fish. This man is drying the daily catch of silverfish brought in by the boats in the background. The egrets are biding their opportunity. Dateline: Lambu Uganda • July 3

Lukaya Road Market

Street food makes the town famous. Lukaya Road Market is a well known "pitstop". These vendors are aggressively selling chicken-on-a-stick & drinks through car windows. In the building behind them all sorts of meats are being grilled. Dateline: Lukayua Uganda • July 2

Blankets & Wine Kampala

On one side of the Blankets & Wine Kampala event there were live local bands on the other there were DJs spinning records. As the festival moved into the night the crowds moved from one style of music to the other. Dateline: Kampala Uganda • July 1

Blankets & Wine Kampala

Blankets & Wine Kampala is a festival showcasing urban African music in the city The singer/songwriter Julius is performing with his saxophonist.
Dateline: Kampala Uganda • June 30


Old Taxi Park

The city claims organization has vastly improved in Old Taxi Park. In downtown, matatus overload the area to pick up/drop off passengers traveling all over the country. Thousands of people & minibuses aggressively sort out personal transportation. This is but a small portion of the chaos.
Dateline: Kampala Uganda • June 29

car manufacturing in Uganda

Kiira Motors

Environmental concerns are tantamount at Kiira Motors. The young company champions the development of domestic automotive EVS passengers buses (Africa's first electric vehicles) & competes with foreign car companies for that segment of the market. This is a mechanic in the grease pit working underneath a huge bus about to roll off the "line" .
Dateline: Jinja Uganda • June 28



This is the ultimate in street photography This Kadodi dance is being performed in the capital city The Bamasaba tribe continues to honor the ancient circumcision ritual of Imbalu to become a man I chased the group all over Dateline: Kampala Uganda Dateline: Kampala Uganda.
Dateline: Kampala Uganda • June 27


Uganda Museum

We had the unexpected pleasure of the docent & several members of Uganda Museum demonstrate the treasure trove of ancient ethnological musical instruments for us Dateline: Kampala Uganda.
Dateline: Kampala Uganda • June 26

Kampala, Uganda

Cross-training in Unique Fashion

We have returned to Africa Right on the equator we are working with the multinational MTN (largest telecom company in the country) who understands the mission of our panAFRICAproject. Here in their company gym male & female employees are cross-training in unique fashion. Dateline: Kampala Uganda • June 25


A current map of Uganda


The Flag of Uganda


Sections of Uganda, as set out when it was a British Protectorate