The Kingdom of Morocco is a sovereign country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. See the gallery.

vats for dying leather in Chouara Leather Tannery. Fes

vats for dying leather in Chouara Leather Tannery. Fes.


Rabat which is an imperial city.

waterfront in Morocco
Marina on Bou Regreg river. Rabat


Over 33.8  million

Beach goers in Morocco
Ain Diab beach. Casablanca

decorative shape RELIGION

Morocco's predominant religion is Islam

Prayers in Morocco
Adhan, call to prayer. Merenides

Official Languages

Arabic and Berber. The Moroccan dialect, referred to as Darija, and French are also widely spoken.


Portrait of man leaning on a wall with Arabic at Hassan II Mosque
Sign with Arabic, French, and Berber languages. Casablanca,

graphic iconGEOGRAPHY

It is mountainous in the interior with large tracts of desert including the Sahara and a lengthy coastline along both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

An agronomist tending to fields at the AICHA vineyard in Meknes
Agronomist tending vineyard, AICHA. Meknes


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 Man walking camels on the beach in Essaouira
Camels on beach. Essaouira
Buskers performing acrobatics for spectators at the Gnaoua World Music Festival
Buskers performing acrobatics at Gnaoua World Music Festival. Essaouira
Children hanging out on bicycles in Essaouira
Adolescents. Essaouira
Boats docked in an Essaouira harbor
Fishing boats. Essaouira


The King of Morocco holds vast executive and legislative powers, especially over the military, foreign policy and religious affairs. The king can issue decrees called dahirs which have the force of law. He can also dissolve the parliament after consulting the Prime Minister and the president of the Constitutional court. King Mohamed VI announced a series of reforms that would transform Morocco into a constitutional monarchy. (can be added)


Morocco’s economy is considered a relatively liberal economy. Morocco has become a major player in African economic affairs, and is the 5th African economy by Gross Domestic Product (Purchasing Power Parity).
Just over half of the GPD is in the services sector and industry. An additional quarter is in mining, construction and manufacturing.

Highest growth industries are tourism, telecoms, information technology, and textiles.

Doctors examining a x-ray of lungs at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Mohammed VI
Doctors examining x-ray at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Mohammed VI. Marrakesh


four wheel drive hugged the coast on the trip south
atlantic ocean on the right
sahara desert on the left
once upon the destination the wind off the water blew us off our trajectory even though its known as the windy city all reports make this seem unusual
the beach sandblasts your skin raw & gets into every crevice in my camera
the passing caravan of camels is designed for this weather but it hurts me
the annual gnaoua music festival has attracted record numbers & crowds fill the medina all night a city elder claimed the gods cursed the town with gale tempest whenever so many outsiders invade
Poem by Lou Jones
this is eleventh country for me to visit in africa for panAFRICAproject a never ending opportunity for photography dateline: essaouira Morocco


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