Eswatini: a unification of 70 clans. See the gallery.

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Flag of Eswatini

Swazi Wire

We had been chasing around the country trying to ferret out all aspects of daily life in Africa but we needed heavy industry. Hard to get access. Friends at the US Embassy introduced us to a steel fabrication company. I smelled like motor oil after an afternoon in the plant. Matsapha. #panAFRICAproject #Eswatini #Matsapha #RoadWaRRioR

Local Church

Zionism is the dominant religion in Eswatini. It is a strange mixture of Christianity & Shamanism. Big & little churches of all denomination have cropped up to excite a increasingly poor population. This church, one of the older, was very amenable & let me photograph all of its practices. I even had to testify at one point. Mantegna. #panAFRICAproject#Mantegna

A Hospital

In pediatric section of any hospital, young children receive immunizations at regular stages in their early lives. Here in Africa, mothers travel long distances to receive good patient care. However, this little girl was not happy with the shots she endured. For photography, patient confidentiality was a big issue we had to overcome. #panAFRICAproject #eswatini #Mbabane
Mbabane, Eswatini

Manzini Music Center

Manzini is the music center of Eswatini. We traveled down & were able to photograph a few artists recording in a studio. Finding them was an ordeal but listening was incredible. On top of their internal rhythms they have imported a lot of hip/hop etc. However their themes are universal: freedom, political, putting food on the table, etc. Manzini

Artist standing behind a  silk screen
Artist standing behind a silk screen

Poem by Lou Jones on Ezulwini Eswatini

all uphill

everything in this whole country is uphill
i used up my allotment of oxygen a week ago
hilly mountainous & uneven
they all take your breath away
we have photographed
pap smears
glass blowing
cerebral palsy
hip hop
im a whore because i fall in love after meeting each new country
do they love me back?
at least if i could only get decent WIFI

dateline: ezulwini Eswatini

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